Here Are some additional pictures of the motel and grounds.

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Here are some views of the back grounds....people spend lots of time sitting out and wandering around.




                        Here you see the end unit #22 with the private deck which offers a nice water view.                                 






I need to get some better pictures of the trail.  Most of it has trees on both sides.


Here are some pictures of the beach.  The tide is out in these pictures so you can see lots of the south shore red sand.  Can you spot the oyster fishermen on their boats?

I noticed one day that at certain times of the year (Fall) there is a great sunset visible from our shore. 

Unfortunately, when I went with the camera to get the picture some days later, the sun was setting slightly over the town.

It's a very peaceful spot.  I was alone except for a flock of ducks shown below.